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"Experience the Transformation of Your Space with the Expertise of an Interior Design Maven – Yours Truly, April."

With over 25 years of design passion, I've had the joy of bringing countless spaces to life! From cozy homes to vibrant commercial spots, each project has been a unique adventure. My journey is a colorful tapestry of creating functional kitchens, transforming bathrooms into oases, whole house interior and exterior design, and curating bespoke furniture and art collections.

Embark on a collaborative design journey with me, April Viola, where you and I co-create every step of the project. From envisioning your dream kitchen or bathroom to crafting a cohesive design for your entire home, our collaborative process ensures that your unique preferences and lifestyle are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the design. Let's work together to transform your spaces into a reflection of your individual style and personality. Connect with me to initiate a design experience where your input is integral to every aspect of the project.

Discover affordable design packages tailored to your needs. Elevate your space without breaking the bank with my budget-friendly phase-by-phase service options. From initial consultations to final presentations, I offer comprehensive services at competitive rates. Whether you're refreshing a room or revamping your entire home, my affordable design packages ensure high-quality results within your budget.

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