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"Experience a quarter century of design experience and creativity with me, April."

With over 25 years of experience in the interior design industry, I have had the privilege of working on a wide array of projects, ranging from luxury residential homes to high-end commercial spaces. My career highlights reflect extensive experience in diverse and vibrant locations such as San Francisco, Northern California, and Honolulu, Hawaii. This diverse background has equipped me with a unique perspective and a broad skill set that I bring to every project.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in creating exceptional spaces for luxury private custom homes, where attention to detail and a deep understanding of client needs are paramount. My portfolio includes managing large-scale projects that demand not only design excellence but also impeccable project management skills. I am adept at overseeing all phases of a project, from initial concept development and space planning to material selection and final installation.

A significant aspect of my work involves fostering strong client relationships. I believe that successful design is rooted in a deep understanding of the client's vision and lifestyle. My approach is highly collaborative, ensuring that the client's voice is integral to the design process. This client-centric approach has led to numerous successful projects and long-lasting professional relationships.

In addition to my hands-on design work, I have also led and mentored design teams, fostering a collaborative and creative work environment. My leadership style emphasizes open communication, innovation, and professional growth, which are essential for delivering high-quality design solutions. I take pride in nurturing talent and guiding teams to achieve their full potential, ensuring that each project benefits from a diverse range of ideas and expertise.

Overall, my extensive experience, combined with a passion for design and a commitment to client satisfaction, positions me as a versatile and dynamic interior designer ready to tackle any challenge and create spaces that inspire and delight.

Designing Dreams: The Journey of April Viola, Senior Interior Designer

In the dynamic world of interior design, I am not just a seasoned professional but a visionary artist on a mission. Since earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2002, I have embarked on a distinguished career, blending creativity, business acumen, and an unyielding passion for crafting breathtaking spaces.

Viola Design Inc.: Pioneering Excellence (August 2012 – Current)

Founded Viola Design Inc. in August 2012, offering personalized interior experiences specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Relocated the business from California to Hawaii in 2020, infusing Hawaii's cultural influences into my design ethos.

Indigo Republic: Elevating High-End Designs (May 2020 – May 2022)

Collaborated with Indigo Republic, spearheading high-end island-inspired interior architecture projects.

Managed projects ranging from palatial residential homes to medical facilities and hospitality spaces in Waikiki.

May Construction Partnership: Crafting Exceptional Homes (June 2017 - March 2020)

Served as a contracted designer for May Construction, overseeing interior architectural duties.

Orchestrated design for high-end residential projects, ensuring seamless execution and client satisfaction.

Hardy Group Builders: Managing Design Excellence (August 2012 - August 2013)

Contracted as a senior design project manager, overseeing design and product procurement processes.

Rework Designs: Navigating Economic Challenges (January 2009 - August 2012)

Co-founded Rework Designs to provide affordable residential design services during the economic downturn.

Implemented innovative marketing strategies and community engagement efforts.

Early Career: Nurturing Talent and Designing Experiences  (February 1997 - January 2006)

Contributed significantly to notable projects at Anderson Brule Architects, SummerHill Homes, and Showcase Kitchens & Expo Design Center.

Education and Certifications: A Commitment to Excellence

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design from the Academy of Art University.

NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer #21032, USGBC Certified LEED AP, and various professional memberships.

Digital Technical Skills: Mastering the Tools of the Trade

Proficient in design tools, project management software, and social media platforms.

​Accolades: NARI Best Kitchen Cabinet Design & Crystal Design Excellence Award

I was honored to receive the prestigious NARI award for Best Kitchen Cabinet Design, as well as the Crystal Design Excellence Award for my work with Crystal Cabinets. These accolades underscore the exceptional quality and innovation of my designs, reinforcing my commitment to exceeding expectations.

Volunteerism: Giving Back to the Community

Participated in Philanthropy by Design projects and many other community initiatives.

Portfolio and References: Showcasing Excellence

Explore my portfolio and references to witness my design style and capabilities firsthand.

My journey reflects my passion for interior design and commitment to excellence. Let's continue shaping inspiring spaces together.

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