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April's musings on her life and obsession for design

  • Writer's pictureApril Viola


As I reflect on the mid-point of my life and career, I am craving a fresh challenge in my creativity. I think back to my childhood sitting in my grandparent's '60's vintage kitchen breakfast table, staring at my blank sketch paper, I remember asking my grandmother, where do I start? She gracefully taught me to "get all the bad ideas out first, inspiration reveals itself through mistakes". Her admired hand-painted mural wall, steps away in the adjacent room, inspired by her family visits to Italy, still inspires me today. It is a reminder of her innate talent and spirit to create something beautiful, as simple as the medium or subject matter may be, enhancing the experience of those around her with simply her art, among her many other wonderful traits. As I search for my refreshed sense of self today, I continue to be inspired by her example and eager to embrace the freedom of imperfection in my own creative journey.

I miss you endlessly dear G'ma.

Photography credit April Viola, The Living Room Mural Wall, by Sharon Viola, circa 1960

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