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April's musings on her life and obsession for design

  • Writer's pictureApril Viola


As I sit here studying a new 700 foot condo remodel project, I contemplate how my client desires to live out their life in their home over-time, among considering their desired style, context, and budget. What does it mean to really live in a space, to them?

Whether a client has a palatial property or a quaint condo, I push myself to pose this question, to get to the spiritual heart of creating an emotionally connected space. Intentional designing leads to intentional living. A well designed space considers every single decision and piece of material placed in the room means something sacred to them. The more that I can inject this notion into the project, the more interesting and soulful it will be and feel.

Often my clients are concerned that may not have the budget to completely renovate or furnish their home with custom pieces or rare artwork, but I assure them that creating depth in design doesn't mean starting from scratch, being expensive or trendy. Balancing existing architectural elements with few fresh new furniture pieces, grouped with personal artifacts in unique ways, added colors and textures, layered lighting, plush rugs, bedding and pillows, and live or silk plants, as well as keeping some spaces open for future collected art and vintage finds along the way, will create a rich history and special meaning.

Good design does not entail ordering a ton new things to just fill a space, rather creating and evolving a home is an art piece, itself in progress. As a designer, my most enjoyable work comes to fruition after having extrapolated and defined what living means to you. Designing, developing, and implementing that definition ultimately creates a space and experience that enriches your life.

Photography credit April Viola, circa 2023, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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