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April's musings on her life and obsession for design

  • Writer's pictureApril Viola


My history, education, and career started in the Bay Area in Northern California. I appreciated that time dearly for all it offered me, coming of age, and studying art and architecture at the Academy of Art University in those foggy San Francisco days and bitter cold nights.

As life continues serendipitously, I found myself with an opportunity to expand my career to Hawaii a few years ago to be part of many fabulous projects from hotels and restaurants to palatial homes, in addition to exploring even deeper family roots I was only vaguely aware of. These endeavors have reignited my obsession for design and developing my skills working with tropical themes and materials such as the beautiful custom solid wood furniture pieces, shown below.

As one of my favorite college instructors told me, "You are only as good a designer as your resources." Which couldn't be more true, as I can sketch all day long, but if I don't have a right-hand fabricator, it will not be successful. Gratefully, I have collaborated with one of the best local affordable custom furniture makers in Hawaii, working in Teak, Koa, Acacia, Mango, and Monkey Pod woods to perfectly suit your Hawaiian traditional or modern concept homes. More recently, I have enjoyed sitting with my client on her lanai admiring her stunning custom dining table, enjoying a warm Oahu subtropical evening.

Photography credit, Balimoon, circa 2023, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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