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April's musings on her life and obsession for design

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Sometimes when a client is unsure of what they really want, has no particular style or piece that is speaking to them, I will inquire further, asking 'Where have you been that makes you feel the most safe? A childhood home, your bedroom, the classroom that opened your mind to a new subject you enjoyed, or perhaps something more like your favorite table in a coffee shop you love to write at, or what about a view you hike to to take gain some perspective?

Of course, I'm not literally suggesting to decorate your home to exactly mimic these places, rather to evoke a way for us to dig deeper into exploring a sense of space with a meaningful experience that we could extrapolate sensory and symbolic gems from to enhance your home.

For me, I vividly remember my teenage bedroom. My stuff was decent, maybe a bit shabby-chic, but I obsessively placed all of my books, black and white photos, and accent bed pillows precisely. No wrinkly posters on the wall, dolls, or clutter anywhere, as I desperately had an urge to create a sanctuary that resembled more of a mature studio apartment somewhere, with real taper candlesticks, fresh flower cuttings in glass vases, and flowing gauzy draperies in soft monochromatic neutrals, than a bright and cheery kids room.

At the time, I thought I was just collecting items from around the house to incorporate into my 'apartment' that I thought were cool, as there were no Ticktock trends I saw and wanted to copy. In retrospect I have realized not only did I inherently have a knack for interiors starting young, but more so and with the help from a past mentor, further understood that I was striving to create a calm personal environment devoid of clutter and little girl things, so I could have a sense of control in my life and transport myself to the grown woman I couldn't wait to be. I essentially created a safe place to escape to in response to my very chaotic family home.

I may have not fully understood what I was doing at the time, but looking back now I realize how empowering and transforming that was for my well-being. Those very dark days are what lead me to developing my career in interior design and how important it is to me to extend this power and enjoyment to others in my life.

Photography credit unknown, very similar to my exact teenage bedroom, circa 1993-1997

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